Tips to keep your bathroom pleasant smelling for long

Tips to maintain bathroom, bathroom maintenanceWhen you enter a house the first impression of your guests, be sour and bad, if they sniff an odious odour. No matter how big or small, rich or poor toilet is used by all and coincidentally for the same reasons. To keep one’s bathroom clean and tidy is an ongoing chore. If you want to make your toilet smell as fresh as roses or oranges just follow few easy steps. Use vinegar to clean the toilet and baking soda to scrub the toilet bowl.

Needless to comment, that a flush after every use should be a regular and impeccable habit. The easiest way to spread a sweet smell is just to keep scented candles or use scented soap. One can also team up few drops of potpourri along with drier tissues to deliver a soothing odour to your toilet. Often the use of lemon in various forms, like juice essence practiced to rupture air citrusy. Flowers have always been known to enhance the atmosphere odour. Hope your next visit to the loo straddle a pleasant smelling experience.

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