Tips To Install External Wall Cladding

External Wall CladdingExternal wall cladding is the technology that protects the interior walls of your home from external things like weather and heat. Cladding can be found in many different types: PVC, wood siding, metal siding, cement, vinyl siding, cement fiber boards and even bricks come under the category of external wall cladding. However, installation of external wall cladding needs to be research before attempting to do it yourself. If you read these suggestions and decide it is too big a task to take on yourself, the expert team at Construction contracting companies can help you with your siding and cladding project. Here are some factors which you must focus on:
• Measurement: You need to follow a lot of measurement guidelines before you go settle on the right amount of external wall cladding materials. To do this you should include the measurement of the width and length of the walls. You will also need to know the measurements around the doors and the windows in case you want to install any channels or trims around them.

• Sheathing: Before starting the task of external wall cladding make sure you have installed all the plywood sheathing properly.

• House Wrapping and Foam Insulation: DIY people often overlook these two steps because they want to complete the task as soon as possible. However, these two are very important steps and need to be followed properly in order to ensure overall weather protection and energy efficiency. You need to wrap up the home with paper and then install foam insulation panels on it.

• Starter Row: External wall cladding starts with starter row which is installed right at the bottom of the wall. Make sure the starter row is leveled along the entire wall length for this will ensure the straightness of the rows that follow.

• Overlapping Successive Rows: In case of wood siding, metal siding, cement, and vinyl siding you need to make sure that the top of the bottom row is overlapped by each successive row. This prevents water seeping into the walls.
These are the points or steps that you should follow in order to experience a perfect external wall cladding.

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