Tips to clean your glass tabletops with natural ingredients

Tips to clean glass tabletops, home care tipsGlass top tables are quite popular for enhancing the interior decor of any room. You can buy them easily and place it in your home but maintaining them is a tough task. The table tops look nice and shiny when they are kept in stores but as soon as they are being used you will find it getting dirty more often and hence the shine is lost. Keeping them clean always is not so easy thus you need to take a good care of them and clean with good cleaners. There are many glass cleaning materials available in the market for you to select from. But as they provide you the best shine they also cost you a lot.

You can clean your glass tabletops using some stuff that are already present in your home. Vinegar is a nice ingredient which can clean your glass table tops and make them shiny as new. Other than vinegar alcohol and lemon are great glass cleaners. Thus you can use your home products to make your glass tops look great.

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