Prefabricated home packages

Prefabricated home packages, PrefabIf you have been hearing the word prefab for quite some time but have no idea what is it then here is some useful information for you. Prefab or prefabricated home packages are the latest trend in the market of houses and buildings. These homes are either partially or entirely assembled in the setting of a factory. These homes are not just beautiful but also save a lot of energy too.

The main prefabricated home packages include manufactured. Steel frame, modular, dome, panelized, log, cedar, circular, precut and timber frame. Manufactured is for single and small family residence with only a few sectional units. Modular are built using a stock modular plan with less zone restrictions. Dome consists of various designs and large space inside the home. The home will be stronger and can withstand natural disasters like hurricane, earthquakes, tornados etc. Circular prefab homes are perfect for offices, studios, convention centers, cabins and homes where you can get a good view of the outside world.

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