How to turn your attic into a guest room

Attic coversion tips, guest roomIf you have an attic which you don’t use much, you can use it to turn it into a very beautiful guest room. The idea of having a guest in your attic can seem strange but with the right kind of lighting, ventilation and décor, you can actually make it look more welcoming. One way to make the attic look livable is to use good wallpaper. You can use single colors like browns or even go for faux wood wallpaper prints for an authentic feel. Have a nice large carpet or rug to make the room look cozy.

Having an exhaust fan and at least two windows is necessary for apt ventilation. Make sure that the floorboards are OK and there are no cracks and holes. Place the bed in the corner near the window for a fresh feel. The lighting is also important. You should have one or two bright lights in least 2 corners of the attic. Having a night lamp and a bed side reading lamp is also a smart idea. Finally you can decorate the room with nice paintings, fairy lights and wall hangings for a personalized appeal.

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