How to install a suspended ceiling

suspended ceilingPlanning to install suspended ceiling at home? Suspended ceiling is a nice addition to your home given its soundproofing properties & how it also helps to skirt the untidy wires & ductwork. The suspended ceiling is structured with metal channels called cells that are further filled panels or ceiling tiles. Here goes a brief on DIY suspended ceiling installation.

First, decide on the needed quantity of panels for the job. Get an accurate measurement of the ceiling & note precise locations of windows and doors. The measurement would be needed to buy right quantity of panels- you would require main runners, wall angles, cross tees & hanger wire as well.

Now, you have to decide on the level of suspension- chalk mark the level followed by nailing of wall angles along chalk line. Fasten the wall-angle brackets with strong nails & cut these brackets as per required lengths.

Next, you have to install the screws at the regular intervals. Your panels must be kept parallel to ceiling joists ensuring that main runner are at the right angle position to joists. Now, thread the hanger wire through screws in joists to suspend main runners.

Then, cut your hanger wire in parts (1 for each of the screw eyes) & fasten them safely. The next step is to extend the hanger wire right to runner ring followed by an accurate fastening. Set main runners in proper place. Now, thread loose wires via runner leg & fasten in right place. Make sure that everything is at proper level & so is the hanger length.

Now, it’s time to install cross tees. Push them in place at proper intervals along main runners.

Finally, you are all set to install the panels. Push panels via grid opening, one by one. Now, lower the panels gently ensuring that these are able to sit comfortable on brackets of grid.

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