Green roofing explained

Green roofing does not mean a roof that is done up in green paint or tiles. Green roof is referred to those roofs of houses and building where the entire roof or part of it is covered with green plants. For building and maintaining a green roof, a water resistant membrane is first applied on the roof and then the vegetation is started.

There can be many layers on a green roof, the root barrier layer, then the layer concerned with the drainage of water. All this is done so that the roof is not harmed before of the plant cover over it. Owners can go for two different styles of green roofing: the one where intensive planting is done and the one where a light layer of green cover is enough.

Green roofing helps in keeping the house or building cool by acting as an insulating layer. It also has its own contribution to make to the environment. When you want to make changes to your roof and improve it make sure to call in a professional for all of your needs.

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