Getting rid of mold and mildew the easier way

Tips to maintain home, home maintenanceAs a home maker, you have dreams on decors but maintaining them against the mold and mildew growth is also important to maintain the homely ambience clean and germ free. These fungi cause damage to the health of your family members and as well as affect the overall outlook worth of the house. Though Chlorine bleach is an easy and affective way of getting rid but, they tend to destroy the floor and the subfloor too.

First step would be to get rid of the infected parts because it might get other stuffs affected too. Wet and damp spots are their favourites, so getting the moist source cut off can curb their growth, especially bathrooms. Vinegar and soda works wonders on them. You can even get rid of any odour too. The method of application is quite simple just adding vinegar to bucket of water and then soaking sponge into it and then dipping the sponge into baking soda solution and wiping off the mold spots. Other bottled cleaners are also available.

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