Chimney cleaning essentials

When you use a chimney for a very long time, you have to make some time for its maintenance. You get professional help for the job or you can roll up your sleeves to it yourself. In both cases, you will need the supplies for cleaning your chimney. You will need the basic rods and the brushes for cleaning the chimney. The brushes could be of round wires, flat wires or even polypropylene. The rods could be a cable, a chain whip or they could be of rotary designs.

The rods of rotary design are useful as you could spin them and wipe the soot and the creosote and completely clear the chamber of smoke. An alternative to the rods is the system of viper cleaning. There are three types of systems of viper cleaning. For cleaning the large chimneys or the medium sized ones, you can use the standard vipers. Then there are three models that are handheld which are useful for chimneys that are small. The third type is the viper brushes, which are really flexible.

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