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How To Choose A Roofing Contractor

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Roofing contractorChoosing a roofing contractor might not be thing of concern in your mind but it is such a thing which should be given proper importance. Choosing a roofing contractor who is appropriately qualified and certified is very essential thing to do before you hand over your roof in his hands. Choosing a roofing contractor is more difficult for those who are not in touch or unfamiliar with this industry. It is very risky to choose a roofing contractor who is not properly qualified or who does not give any warranty. You will be troubled a lot in the future years if you choose a roofing contractor which is not appropriate and you will be having a low qualitative installation and bad workmanship issues with your roofing. Don’t go with good words as when actual problem will arise to your roof, your roofing contractor will be far disappeared. Thus choose a roofing contractor with reference and the one which gives warranty. Choosing a roofing contractor which is not trustworthy is equal to risking the life of you and your family members which is definitely not one such thing you want to do. Here are some of the tips which will help you to choose a roofing contractor who is reliable and good.

  • Time period of the roofing contractor

It is very important to check out the time period of any roofing contractor. You must check how long the roofing contractor has or the company has been into the roofing business. Shirt span roofing contractors can be trusted or are not reliable. On a contrary you can trust those roofing contractor who have been in the business for a long period of time as they have passed the test of time. A roofing contractor who has been established since a long time, would more likely to be around you if any problem happens to your roof after his installation.

  • Check for permanent address office or phone number

Before handing over your roof to any roofing con tractor it is important to his permanent phone number or his email address or even his permanent address of office. This could help you to get to him if something uncertain happens. Having a permanent business address is a great sign of the roofer or the company being established. Thus while choosing a roofing contractor always ask and verify permanent address of business along with phone number.

  • Does roofing contractor have sub-contractors?

It is very essential fact to know before you hand over your roof in the hands of any roofing contractor. Sub-contractors generally work on the basis of per jobs. They also get payment per job and hence they are always concerned with completing the job as quickly as possible and getting another job. This can give you low qualitative work and also you can have trouble with workmanship. Thus while choosing a roofing contractor check whether your contractor is appointing any sub-contractor or not.


How to Remove Black Streak from Roof Shingles?

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

black streak on roofYou might have noticed that, there are black streaks around the roof of your house. This black streak is around the shingles are and crawling down the roof. The level of black streak on the houses has increased a lot and it has become very common in each type of house with each type of material. With the passage of time it is seen on your roof shingles and even you can see it on your neighbor’s house also.  Do you know what the cause behind the roof shingles to streak?

What can be done to remove this streak on roof shingles? Will power washing be suitable for removing stains? Will pressure washing technique damage the roof granules? Get all this answers by reading below.

What are the black streaks on the roof?

We get surprised to see that once the neat and clean roof shingle is now slowly and gradually covered with the form of roof mold or mildew which becomes visible as a light discoloration and goes spreading down the roof towards the gutter. These black roofing stains are created by the type of algae which has been around for years which are usually found in the woods on the north side of the trees. It is even found on the exposed rocks. Nowadays these black algae are known as the roof shingle algae due to its annoying discoloration on an asphalt shingle roof.

How can these black roof stains be removed from the roof shingles?

You might be confused whether these black roof stains be removed from the roof or not. But don’t worry it is possible to remove those dirty black streaks from your roofs. There are two possible outcomes to choose from to remove these stains from the roof. Either you can do it yourself or you can go for roof cleaning services by the professional experts. If you are doing it yourself then you can use roof cleaning products and do it according to the instructions mentioned on it. The difference you notice in doing it yourself and through roof cleaning company is of cost and results.

Hire a roof cleaning business

The benefit you obtain in hiring a roof cleaning business is that they have appropriate experience in shingle cleaning techniques. They are also aware of the exact pressure to apply with roof washing products. The experience of years will definitely affect in cleaning your roof. It will result in total removal of roof stains.

Do it yourself roof stain removal

Find out the reliable roof cleaning products and also find out the roof cleaning chemicals. But be cautious about the company and products you buy. Go for those companies which offers multiple formulas along with the preventive measures. Check out the needed material like ladder and keep yourself free for appropriate time. You cannot clean it through the distance. The closer you go and clean your roof stains the better will the removal and the results.



An Introduction to Butterfly Roof

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Butterfly Roofing












Roof, basically is the most important part of your house. So when it comes to designing your roof you need to be more conscious and proactive, because your roof is the one that acts as a savior to you in all weather. Your roof should be such which satisfies the needs of your house in all possible ways. Your roof should not only meet the practical aspects but should also meet up with the aesthetic needs. Butterfly roof is such a option which is combination of both of the above factor and meet both the demand successfully. Now you might be wondering what is butterfly roof?

Butterfly roof is such a design of roof which is built by joining two roofs by edges sets at an particular angle which allows to form a shape of valley slope. If seen from the front the structure looks like wings of butterfly.  It is designed in such a way that those points which are joined are at lower level and those remained un joined is at upper level. Butterfly roofs are also known as inverted pitch roof.

History of butterfly roofs

The concept and shape of butterfly roofs are very unique and different. The design of butterfly roofs came into existence in the year of 1933. After that many changes has come and new versions has evolved. It is an American roof design. Previously English Tudor style houses and quaint country cottages were prevalent but now the concept is changing. Instead of ornate pitches, minimalist lines are preferred. The newer version of butterfly roof includes saddle roof, gable roof, shed roof and zig zag roof.

Benefits of Butterfly roofs

There are innumerous advantages of butterfly roofing which are eye catching and heart robbing. The design of butterfly roofing is such that ensures your interiors to feel fresh and airy. As the heights of the walls and windows are high, good sunlight is achieved in the house making your house to look bright and sunny. This method is useful in collection of water. Due to its unique shape, rainwater can be harvested, channeled down and collected and then used this water for gardening, for drinking and even in plumbing. This water can be preserved and can be used in the period of drought. The design of butterfly roofs gives an aerodynamic structure which decreases the risk of pulling which generates on the roofline of upwardly pitched eaves.

Drawbacks of butterfly roofs

The layout and nature of the butterfly roof is such that we cannot see the roof surface from the ground level. Thus if there is any problem in the roof it becomes difficult to notice for longer period of time. If there is any leak or damp, it remains unnoticed and larger problem is caused which could have been avoided if repaired timely. Thus loft space is to be checked out regularly and water damage is to checked avoided and if there must be cured on time. If the water damage is undetected in the valley of the roof it can result in additional weight on load bearing elements leading to cracks.

How to Remove Moss from Roof

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

removing moss from roofThe common cause of roof damage is accumulation of moss on the top surface of the roof between the shingles or the tiles which are place and fixed in the roof. you will find most of the moss growing in the areas where there is more moisture in the atmosphere, due to that the moss is grown on the roof which later on damage the roof immensely which can cost more of expenditure for the home owners to replace the whole roof with the new roof. so killing and removing the accumulated moss from the surface of the roof is very important and is mandate too. There are certain steps which will help you to figure out how to remove the accumulated moss from the roof surface of the home.

How to remove the moss from the roof:

  • Firstly you will need a long handled fork which will help you to remove the gathered and grown moss from the roof. This fork will work as the scrap and will remove the moss by scratching it from the surface. As due to the presence of moss on the roof, the roof gets a bit loose so do not use the fork sharply on the roof otherwise it will delete of the loosened shingles or the tiles on the roof.
  • After scrabble it from the roof you should apply the moss liquid which will fully and wholly remove the moss from the roof as it acts as the powerful agent for removing it from the roof. This liquid of removing the moss is made up of ammoniated soap of acid which kills the moss accumulated on the roof. The effect of this liquid stays up to a year on the roof.
  • If you want to opt for the natural procedure of removing the moss from the roof than you can go for the mixture of salt and hot water and spray it on the surface of the roof to remove it from roof. You will have to repeat the procedure of spraying it on the roof for more than two times for removing the moss completely from the roof.
  • It can also be removed with the help of zinc strip which the home owners need to place on the roof before it is the time of rain. With the help of rain water, the zinc will be corrugated with water and will flow from the surface of the roof. This will automatically drain away the moss which is gathered on the surface of the roof and clean the roof completely.
  • After cleaning the roof which was accumulated from moss, the roof must be properly washed and preservatives must be applied to the surface of the roof to stop the moss to grow up again on the roof. These preservatives will be helping agent to the roof and will not allow any moss to grow its place again on the surface of the roof.
  • With the help of these steps the roof will be properly cleaned and maintained by the home owners by their own and will incur less cost expenditure to the home owners.