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Insulation tips for your home

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

If there is a proper heating system in your home yet it is not able to tone down the chill, a simple solution is there for you. Review your home’s insulation system. Insulation is a sort of blanket around your house which traps all the heat generated in the house with your activities inside the house and in the process keeps the house warm even in winters. Insulation is in most cases placed in the floors, the walls and the ceilings.

The largest amount of heat loss (about 40%) happens from the ceiling because of warm air’s tendency to rise up. Good ceiling insulation will keep the house the warmest and will also save energy.

Almost 20-30% heat loss happens through walls. Stress on wall insulation and siding should be given the most during construction of the house because upgrading it later is an expensive and difficult process.

Heat loss from floors is around 10-15%. Good insulation below the flooring ensures that the cold air that pushes all the heat towards the ceiling is removed. It is advisable to use a vapour resisting material for under floor insulation since that can prevent ground moisture from entering the house.

Evaluate and check the exiting insulation state of your house. Or if constructing, follow the insulation basics given above.

Blankets made from wool or polyester can be used to put in the walls and ceilings. Even loose fill insulation like foam insulation and cellulose can be used for this purpose. These products should be used for insulation implementation before construction. In the case of existing houses, you can put them into accessible ceiling cavities.

For floors, use reflective insulation systems such as aluminium foils. These work well for insulation as they reduce the downward flow of heat. You can also use rigid insulation made from polystyrene and plastic foams for insulating your floors.

You must look for the R-value while selecting insulating materials. This measures how well the product resists heat flow. A high R indicates insulation is effective, hence your house is kept warm easily.

How To Keep Your Walls Stain-Free

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Keeping your walls stain free and clean can be a problem if you have kids at home. Even after parties there seems to be present stains on the wall of a drink spilled or of food. The more you ignore such stains the more it accumulates and is disastrous for home décor. The best way to go about stains is to deal with it before hand when you choose the paint.

There are mainly paint types which are either an emulsion type or have a plastic base. These paints are more malleable as they can be quickly cleaned away with a cloth and some water without hampering the all together paint on the wall. Uses of some types of cleaning agents are allowed but make sure to avoid cleaning agents that ruin the paint job. If that happens no matter how you want to patch it up it won’t change much unless you repaint the whole wall. If the cost of such types of paints is unaffordable then you could go for wallpaper. They are also of different patterns and shapes to choose from. Once installed wallpapers can be easily cleaned with cleaning agents or water.

Important tips on carpet maintenance

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

carpet maintenance, home carePurchasing a beautifully designed and expensive carpet to accentuate the décor of your home is not enough. You will also have to make sure that you take proper care of the carpet and maintain it well. A well maintained carpet will not only make you feel good when you walk on it but also increase the value of your home.

If you want to maintain your carpet properly, you must always keep a doormat at the entrance of your home. The doormat will stop most of the dirt and dust at the door and this will go a long way in keeping your carpet clean. Secondly, vacuuming your carpet regularly is of utmost importance if you want to maintain the beauty of your carpet. Vacuuming will remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the carpet and also remove the deep rooted dirt from the fibers of the carpet. Every time you vacuum your carpet, do it twice.

Bedroom repairing tips

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Bedroom repairing tips, bedroom maintenanceThe place where you relax and sleep is important, there comes the requirement to clean and repair the bedroom. Hence the bedroom should be kept pleasant. For repairing the bedroom, first of all have a look all over the room. Take a list that requires your attention. Prioritize them. Check whether it is in need of repair.

Check out for lighting systems. Replace the burnt bulb. Take a look at the wall. Are there any holes in the wall? Is the wall painting getting thinner? If it is, then repair the wall and then paint the wall. Look around the furniture like cot, table, mirror, closets, etc. Check out for faults. Then repair the required needs.
If you feel like your bedroom is tiny. So you want to enlarge the size. Then it will be a costly affair. For that you have to reconstruct the bedroom. Before repairing, please think and act.

Ways to keep your basement organized and clutter free

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Basement maintenance, tips to maintain basementIf you feel that your basement is a dark and gloomy place where finding anything is next to impossible then probably its time to get things in order in your basement. Keeping cabinets and boxes in the basement is a must for storage. Get several wooden boxes and label them accordingly. You should be able to store all kinds of materials in one box so make sure that the boxes are big enough. Now start with the labeling like holiday equipment, tools, old photos, woolen clothing, etc.

Now, if your basement has lofts or cabinets then you can use them in a very efficient manner. If all your items are categorized, then take the boxes and load them in lofts. Smaller items can be stored away in cabinets. Keep the ground clutter free. Also there should be more than one light in the basement. Clean it with a vacuum cleaner every 2 weeks to keep it free of mold, dust and mildew.

DIY plumbing repairs

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Tips for plumbing repairs, plumbing tipsYou can do the plumbing repairs of your house in a very systematic and simple way. The most essential thing you need is the plumbing tape. This will help you to prevent any leakages and damages like that. You must know how to fit pipes and all the required materials. The very first thing that you must do is that you must detect the problem, whether it is a leakage of pipes, or any damage in the water pump machines, or any sort of blockage.

In some cases you may need to disconnect the main water lines to correct the damage. You can even turn off the water connection so that you can change the pipes in case there are damages in the pipes. The cost of the materials of plumbing are very low and you can get them easily in the markets. Make sure that when do these repairs, the water is not wasted and you must be well aware of the methods to handle pipes as well.

How to clean your leather couches

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Tips to clean leather couches, furniture maintenanceLeather is a very wise choice for the couches. They are very comfortable and perfect to snuggle in. another great thing about leather is that they give a very sophisticated appeal to the couches. This gives a very contemporary and a modern appeal to your living room. However, leather couches need to be maintained and properly taken care of and that too in a regular fashion if you want to keep it in a good condition.

You have to keep certain things in mind before you taken up the job of cleaning your leather couch. The first thing that you must know is that too much water will damage your leather beyond leather the material will crack if you try to clean it with a lot of water. Use a vacuum cleaner for getting the dirt and dust out of the difficult corners and the crevices of the leather. Add moisturizing soap to a piece of rug and then slowly buff it on the surface of the leather.

Diy sump pump repair

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Tips to maintain sump pumps, sump pumpSump pump is a good machinery to own in a house with a basement. It keeps away the water from your basement and keeps it clean and dry. It may happen that during the rains your pump may stop working. At that time of emergency it is essential that you should repair your pump by yourself. First problem that arises in these pumps is the problem of float. This is a part in the pump that starts the pump as the water level rises. If it stops working it ruins everything. So make sure there is no debris stopping the pump.

Second problem is the problem in the valve. Correct installation of the valve throws out the water but if it is not installed correctly then it would lead to the water been thrown back. The third and the common problem is wiring problem. Thus to make sure that there is no such problem you will need to check your wiring well. By these tips you can repair your sump pump easily from your home.

Tips to clean your glass tabletops with natural ingredients

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Tips to clean glass tabletops, home care tipsGlass top tables are quite popular for enhancing the interior decor of any room. You can buy them easily and place it in your home but maintaining them is a tough task. The table tops look nice and shiny when they are kept in stores but as soon as they are being used you will find it getting dirty more often and hence the shine is lost. Keeping them clean always is not so easy thus you need to take a good care of them and clean with good cleaners. There are many glass cleaning materials available in the market for you to select from. But as they provide you the best shine they also cost you a lot.

You can clean your glass tabletops using some stuff that are already present in your home. Vinegar is a nice ingredient which can clean your glass table tops and make them shiny as new. Other than vinegar alcohol and lemon are great glass cleaners. Thus you can use your home products to make your glass tops look great.

A detailed account on cleaning pipes

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Tips to clean home pipes, home maintenanceIt is very important to keep your drains. However, it is known by all that cleaning a drain is definitely not an easy task. Therefore, you have to keep a track of the things that are going down your drain. There are people who are putting things like coffee grounds, hair and grease down the drains. This will mess up the entire pipe and clog it beyond repair. To keep the pipes can, the pipes should be kept clean of these things.

A very good way of taking care of the drain is using a holder for the drain. This will help you prevent the deposition of soap scum and hair blocking the drain. It is important that the drain be cleaned regularly. In this way, they will be functional and will not be odorous. Use hot water for cleaning the pipes as that will help you loosen the clogs of he pipes.