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Tips of Cleaning the Bathroom

Friday, November 11th, 2016
Home owner cleaning the bathroom

Bathroom cleaned by a person

Throw away your expensive bathroom cleaners and solutions because using a little of lemon, ammonia and baking soda can work out in a better way a s compared to those bathroom cleaning solutions and cleaners. Want to grab your bathroom sparkling? From any home remedies to the secret cleaning tricks and techniques, this article will lead you as a guide for better after cleaning effects of your bathroom. No one likes cleaning the bathroom because it is a messy job and needs more time for completing. Read the below states tips that offers an efficient outcome for keeping the surface, floors, walls and bathroom stuffs clean and beautiful.

Cleaning the bathroom tips:

  • Forget of using and purchasing costly factors like bathroom cleaners. In fact there is a better option to use is take a cup, add t cups of warm water and mix 3 tablespoon of baking soda in it. Add half a cup of household ammonia. Apply the solution on the surfaces, and walls. Leave it for some time and rinse it off for enjoying your bathroom surface gleaming.
  • Remember, cleaning the toilet stands zero on the scale of cleaning the bathroom. But it left you with no other option then to clean it mandatorily. Make the job of cleaning the toilet easier by following different ways.
  • Drop off two tablets of antacid or use denture tablets that containing the ingredient of baking soda and let them dissolve into the bowl say for 20 minutes. Scrub the solution in the toilet area for marking up with best and cleaned results. Even cola works prominent for cleaning the toilet. Grab a can of cola and empty it whole in the toilet. Flush it and there you go with cleaned toilet.
  • Get a mildew free shower curtains with some easy tips. The reason of grown mildew is because of the moisture present in your bathroom environment. Using salt water is helpful because it helps to maintain and clean the shower curtain free from the accumulated mildew.
  • Make the use of 2 tablespoon of washing liquid and mix it with 1 pinch of household bleach. Spray the solution on each and each section of the shower curtain. It offers a mildew free shower curtains in less time. Vinegar is another alternative, useful for cleaning the accumulated mold and mildew in your bathroom.
  • You are probably so busy in cleaning the different parts of bathroom, that you forget to clean the ceiling. it might be even possible that you haven’t thought of cleaning the ceiling too. Just look up once, you will find the grown mold and mildew and sometimes it’s even algae that is harmful and disturbs the charm of your bathroom.
  • For cleaning the ceiling, fill up a bucket and add some amount of white vinegar in it. Put on the goggles and go for mopping the upper section of the bathroom by using a mop. If the mop is small in size, make an attachment on the hose for reaching it towards all the corners while cleaning your bathroom.

An account on shower curtain rods

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

shower curtain rods, bathroom decorIt is a growing trend these days to have a shower curtain rod in your bathroom and the best part is that if you select some good designs it looks really wonderful when installed. Selecting the best shower curtain can be a bit tricky if you are buying it for the first time. First of all you must have a proper measurement of the rod which is there.

Secondly the color of the curtains should match the wall color. If they don’t it might look odd in your bathroom.
Another thing which you must keep in mind is the design. There are lots of designs in the market and you should choose one that is pleasing to the eyes. Some people tend to buy those that have flashy designs but they generally don’t fit in the bathrooms. So it is important that you select the color and design wisely before buying.

Bathroom vanity cabinet: Amazing storage space

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Vanity cabinets, bathroom furnitureIn most cases, the bathroom is the place that is overlooked at the time of home décor. However, it is not a right thing to do as the bathroom is no less important than any other room in the house. A lot can be told about the owner of the house by the condition of the bathroom and so, it is important that the bathroom is maintained well.

In order to make the bathroom look spacious and not cluttered, it is important that good vanity cabinets are installed for storing everything important. They should have shelves for accommodating different items like cosmetics and electronic gadgets. They come in different colors and designs so it should not be tough to get an installation that would match the look of the bathroom. Therefore, get your bathroom cabinets installed at once in order to enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom as well as the functionality.

Kids shower curtains

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Kids shower curtains, shower curtainsIt can be of great fun and interest to decorate a kid’s bathroom. There are so many colors and possible themes to choose from like geometric shapes, oceans, animals, Disney characters, comic cartoon characters, sports, etc. while decorating a bathroom for your kid, an important thing to be kept in mind is the selection of color. While many children are fond of bold and bright colors like bright yellows, reds and blues, others are fond of colors which are more subdued like pastels. Some even prefer a mixture of colors. You just need to know the kid’s tastes and preferences.

When deciding on a color scheme and a theme shower curtains are the first to look for as they are a prominent feature for every bathroom. At present kids shower curtains are widely available in popular characters like Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Bob the Builder, Ben 10, Disney princess, etc. These shower curtains are available in materials like fabric, vinyl and plastic.