Calculating your loft conversion cost

loft conversion costYou have to examine a couple of factors when you consider converting a loft to an accommodation for living. The first factor would be the loft’s height from the ridge to the floor. This height should be a minimum of seven feet. If the height is not 7 feet, you are most likely to be denied permission. The second factor is the important question of accessibility. The place below the floor should have enough space for a staircase to be installed. The space should also be able to provide room for moving furniture through it.

In most cases, the permission for planning is not needed but it would be wise to meet the local office of planning for confirmation. The approval of the building regulations is important and for that, you will have to appoint a loft converter package firm or an architect. If you convert the loft, the value of the house could increase by a good 20% and the job does not take a very long time to get done.

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