Advantages of PVC cladding

Advantages of PVC cladding, home improvementProtection against external wear and tear is very important for the walls of a house. There are varied options like wood, stucco, fiber cement and aluminum for external coating. But what stands out is PVC cladding. PVC stands for poly vinyl chloride which is a special kind of plastic, durable and easy to maintain. PVC claddings are extremely resistant to heat, harsh effects coming out of the sun rays and bad weather conditions like rain and snowfall. Not only that, PVC cladding is much cheaper compared to the other materials available in the market. Since PVC is synthetic by nature, moulds do not tend to form on this. Moreover, PVC cladding is the most hygienic and can be easily cleaned with just some detergent and plain water. Advantages of PVC over all other materials make it a popular choice for cladding by homeowners and builders.

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