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Tips To Clean Your Roof

Saturday, December 17th, 2016
tips of cleaning your roof

ways of cleaning your roof

There is certain time of the year when it is not an option but a necessity to clean your roof. Roof is one of the most essential parts of the home. Not caring for your roof can lead you to lots and lots of danger. It is the time of fall when you need to clean your roof. However cleaning your roof is not that difficult job. It’s quite easy and if you want you can do it yourself. By cleaning your roof yourself, you can easily save lots of bucks. Of course they will be bit difference in professional cleaning ad your own cleaning nut try your best and clean your roof like a pro. Lots of debris, clogged gutters, leaking pipe; clogged downspouts are not good for your roof and are very much risky. Hence before rain and snow hits your home, it’s very essential to clean your roof and check for any damage to make your home roof ready for danger. If your roof is having trees surrounded by it then you definitely need to clean your roof as there will be lots of leaves, broken branches and fruits on the roof. It becomes very essential to clean this thing as soon as possible to stop them from damaging your roof and your home. Here are some of the easy but very essential tips which you should follow while cleaning your roof.

Tools needed to clean your roof

  • Bucket
  • Garden hose
  • Garden scoop
  • Protective work gloves
  • Protective specs
  • Rubber shoes
  • Strings
  • Steady and strong ladder
  • Safety

While you are cleaning your roof, there are many chances of any accident as it is a risky job. However it is easy job but still involves risk in it. The basic thing which you should check is your ladder. Make sure that the ladder you are using is safe and steady. Another essential thing which you should be keeping in mind is that you must have someone around when you are working or at least some one should be informed that you are cleaning your roof and working on it. Also take care that you should be wearing protective specs and gloves to save your eyes and hands. You must also put on rubber shoes while cleaning your roof. This enables you to have grip on the roof and also proper balance.

  • Clean

Very carefully climb your ladder and reach the level from where you can easily see the gutter. Take a bucket with you and start collecting all the loose debris like leaves, branches, twigs and any such things into the bucket. After that use the gutter scoop and clean the areas which you cannot reach with that. Rub gently on the areas where you can see any stubborn dirt. After that, has a check on the downspouts, whether they are clogged or not? If it is clogged run the garden hose in the clogged downspout and make it clear of all debris and see that it is running smoothly.