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Tips on Pool Maintenance

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Person cleaning the Pool

Pool maintained by a home woner

Keeping your pool neat and tidy is your job, it is not at all a cumbersome process as you are thinking. All the pools are having different and have different functionalities. As they are different in sizes, materials and space, different maintenance is required for each. It is important to know what size and materials your pool is made up. The secret of having a healthy pool is the key factor for pool maintenance. Routine and regular care will help you in having best type of pool maintenance to your home. It is advisable of consulting a manufacture’s manual before fixing or using any equipment for pool maintenance. There are many tips on pool maintenance that will help you in leading your way ahead.


  • One of the fastest ways of pool maintenance is to clean the pool with your hands every alternate day. Skimming the pools helps in removing the accumulated leaves and debris in your pool.
  • The floating leaves will eventually sink in the pool and that will stick to the bottom surface of the pool. It becomes harder to remove it. Hand skimmer or leaf skimmer works best for removing it. It is long handled and easily removed the accumulated debris that you find in your pool.
  • Vacuum your pool for better pool maintenance. A pool should be vacuumed every week for better results. Cleaning it regularly will lead you in maintaining the walls and the stiles installed. Work it similar like you are working on your carpet. Difference is you are working in a pool and at home you are working on the carpet or rugs.
  • But only vacuuming is not enough but brushing your walls is also evenly important for increasing the charm of your pool. Pool maintenance includes brushing of walls and eliminating of grown algae. Brushing is important because it will help in avoiding the growing algae on the surface of the floor or on the walls.
  • The pool filter installed should be well cleaned for better results. If the filter is found with accumulated leaves or debris it will contaminate the water stored in the pool. There are many different types of pool filters available in the market.
  • If you’re the filter is damaged, it is advisable of replacing it with the new one for performing better functions. Periodic cleaning is the key for enjoying perfect pool maintenance at your home.
  • Hiring a professional pool service provider can work well. They have better knowledge of performing their task. With the help of their knowledge, experience and using adequate tools, you can get easily maintained pool for swimming.
  • It is important for maintaining the water level and the temperature of water you is using your pool. A lot of water is evaporated just because of the humid or hot temperature observed. Check the temperature and add the water to maintain and not let the water to evaporate from the pool.