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How to Remove Moss from Roof

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

removing moss from roofThe common cause of roof damage is accumulation of moss on the top surface of the roof between the shingles or the tiles which are place and fixed in the roof. you will find most of the moss growing in the areas where there is more moisture in the atmosphere, due to that the moss is grown on the roof which later on damage the roof immensely which can cost more of expenditure for the home owners to replace the whole roof with the new roof. so killing and removing the accumulated moss from the surface of the roof is very important and is mandate too. There are certain steps which will help you to figure out how to remove the accumulated moss from the roof surface of the home.

How to remove the moss from the roof:

  • Firstly you will need a long handled fork which will help you to remove the gathered and grown moss from the roof. This fork will work as the scrap and will remove the moss by scratching it from the surface. As due to the presence of moss on the roof, the roof gets a bit loose so do not use the fork sharply on the roof otherwise it will delete of the loosened shingles or the tiles on the roof.
  • After scrabble it from the roof you should apply the moss liquid which will fully and wholly remove the moss from the roof as it acts as the powerful agent for removing it from the roof. This liquid of removing the moss is made up of ammoniated soap of acid which kills the moss accumulated on the roof. The effect of this liquid stays up to a year on the roof.
  • If you want to opt for the natural procedure of removing the moss from the roof than you can go for the mixture of salt and hot water and spray it on the surface of the roof to remove it from roof. You will have to repeat the procedure of spraying it on the roof for more than two times for removing the moss completely from the roof.
  • It can also be removed with the help of zinc strip which the home owners need to place on the roof before it is the time of rain. With the help of rain water, the zinc will be corrugated with water and will flow from the surface of the roof. This will automatically drain away the moss which is gathered on the surface of the roof and clean the roof completely.
  • After cleaning the roof which was accumulated from moss, the roof must be properly washed and preservatives must be applied to the surface of the roof to stop the moss to grow up again on the roof. These preservatives will be helping agent to the roof and will not allow any moss to grow its place again on the surface of the roof.
  • With the help of these steps the roof will be properly cleaned and maintained by the home owners by their own and will incur less cost expenditure to the home owners.