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Top 5 Herbal tea plants for your home

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Herbal tea plantsDuring winter season everyone prefers to have a cup of tea. There are different types of plants which you can grow in your herbal tea garden. Below given are some of the essential 5 plants for your tea garden.

Herbal plant 1- The first herbal plant is mint. Spearmint and peppermint are the two varieties of mint family. Mint is typically made from these two things. Citrus and chocolate mint plants are the new mixtures of mint that can be grown in the herbal tea garden. Crush a few leaves between your fingers before allowing them to steep in hot water.

Herbal plant 2- Chamomile is also a great herb and it is an all time favorite for herbal tea gardens. You should grow it indoors in a pot because it’s quite simple to grow inside. Chamomile is a good tea to use for a painful throat. This tea is very gentle and comforting and drifts off to sleep.

Herbal plant 3- Jasmine tea will never stand northern winter, so if you wish to keep a jasmine tea plant make some indoor arrangements for its cultivation. Jasmine tea has fruity and some striking flavors. Being a creeping plant it requires something to climb on. Jasmine develops well in plain pot.

Herbal plant 4- Lavender is another herbal plant which you can grow in herbal tea plant category. Lavender is instantly identified by its summer time perfume and purple blooms. It makes a wonderful decoration to your tea garden. Fresh or dried lavender prevent moths and other insects thus providing brightness to your room and garden. Drinking lavender tea is a homeopathic way to release headaches.

Herbal plant 5-
Violets are excellent tea rich in vitamin A and C and its presence in herbal tea garden is very soothing. The top flavor comes from dried plants. You can make the violets float on the top of tea for the sake of appearance.