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Tips in arranging pictures on a wall

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Aarrange picture on wall, wall decorArranging photo frames in the house can actually increase the aesthetic feel of the house. Photos of family and friends in attractive wooden photo frames can enhance the look of the picture arrangement. There are many ways by which you can arrange these photos. Black and white photos in wooden frames on a deep colored wall (like brick or wine red or even brown) can look amazing.

If you have a long wall, then you can arrange the pictures in a single line. Make sure that all the pictures and frames are of the same shape and size for a neat look. You can even arrange them in two lines. Here you can mix and match the size of the frames. You can go for a mix of landscape and horizontal, square and rectangular frames to create an edgy look. You can always create a haphazard picture frame wall where you can experiment with colored photos and frames for a dramatic look.

How Fitted Wardrobes Can Keep Your Home Organized

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Tips to maintain wardrobes, homr careFitted furniture is a rage these days in contemporary homes, especially in small apartments. Not only do they save space but they are also very beneficial as you can have many cabinets and wardrobes and you can store away all your materials and items and leave your home clutter free. This is a very good way to keep your home well organized.

Don’t stuff everything in one wardrobe. Take your time and separate out everything. Keep woolen clothes and clothes you don’t wear in separate spaces. Summer clothes and lingerie also should be kept in different areas. If you have small spaces in your wardrobe then you can easily separate out your lingerie and keep the pale colors aside in order to keep them from getting stained. Keep the wardrobes fresh and clean. If you wish to use the wardrobe for other purposes like keeping books or other valuables, then also you can keep each shelf for each section as well.

Tuscan kitchen decor basics

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Kitchen decoration, kitchen decor ideasThe concept of Tuscan décor is actually more of an idea from an artistic point of view than an actual implementation, but for many interior decorators it stands as one of the most popular trends of decorating a home.

The definition of Tuscan décor can actually stand for any décor that is based on the theme of color. The idea of Tuscan décor actually came from the type of décor that was implemented in the areas of central Italy, as it was an area known to be the epicenter for all sorts of cultures that influenced the world through ages. If you would want to implement the Tuscan idea in the décor of your kitchen then you should keep in mind that the décor of your kitchen oozes with vibrant colors. This can be done by adding color to the furniture and appliances of the kitchen and also by installation of colored tiles in the kitchen.

Wall covering for your bedroom

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Dedroom wall coverings, wall decorThe bedroom is the most treasured part of your home where you spend the most relaxed time of yours. After the whole day’s tiresome work, you spend some quality time with your family in your bedroom. Thus the decoration of your bedroom should be taken care of properly. You can use various shades for the walls of your bedroom.

However instead of shades you can also use various wall coverings now available widely in the market. The wall coverings have become very popular these days in the market. Many types of wall coverings are now available among which you can choose according to your taste. The wall coverings may of some scenes or they may be hand crafted artifacts as well. You can also use some themes like greenery or mythology etc as the subject of your wall covering. There are many artists who will customize the wall covering according to your choice. So, depending on the shape of your bedroom and your choice, you can customize a wall covering for your bedroom.

Environmentally friendly décor basics

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Eco decor ideas, home decor ideasDecorating your house is one of the best things that you would want to do when you have a new home. With so much of eco friendly discussions, you may want to take up some responsibility yourself. This can be possible if you start decorating your home with eco friendly decorating items.

There are various items in the market that you can choose from. Take for example recycled tables. These can be used in any family get-togethers or in any picnic where they are used so frequently. You can use them in your house too. They are available in various designs so that it suits different kinds of themes. There are also recycled plants that are specially which are meant only for the decorating purpose. With so many new environment friendly decorating items coming up in the recent times you will not be confused as to what will be the best option for your house.

An account on floor staining

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

floor staining, floor maintenanceIt could be a tough job to make a decision regarding the staining of your floor. As long as the floor is not covered or refinished, you will have to be living with the stain. There are a few steps that you could follow when it comes to floor staining. You will need three pieces of flooring of wood for the floor that exists.

You will need three stain samples. You should buy the samples of the wood flooring pieces that is just like the one which is present in your floor. You can use these pieces to test if they are looking well or not. You should go to a paint store or a center of home improvement and interact with the manager of the paint department. You should let him see the pictures of the furniture and the appliances of the room in concern. You will be getting useful advice from him regarding floor staining.

Duvet Covers Options for your Home

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Duvet Covers, home decor ideasIf you are looking for ways to adorn your king sized double bed, then duvet covers would be the best option to choose. There are various kinds of fabrics which you can choose from for your duvet covers. Duvet covers also look great on large single beds. For a luxurious feel, duvet covers never fail to impress. Depending upon the size of the room, the weather conditions in your area and your taste, you can choose either light weight or heavy weight material for the duvet cover.

Victorian vintage pattern duvet covers look great in rooms which are fairly larger in size. Colors like brown, beige rust and wine red are the best in such cases. If you are planning to use a duvet cover in a teen’s room, you can get many patterns and even retro styled duvet covers which are back in fashion these days. For contemporary homes, black duvet covers look great. Get that edgy look with such perfect and monotonous colored duvet covers.

How to turn your attic into a guest room

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Attic coversion tips, guest roomIf you have an attic which you don’t use much, you can use it to turn it into a very beautiful guest room. The idea of having a guest in your attic can seem strange but with the right kind of lighting, ventilation and décor, you can actually make it look more welcoming. One way to make the attic look livable is to use good wallpaper. You can use single colors like browns or even go for faux wood wallpaper prints for an authentic feel. Have a nice large carpet or rug to make the room look cozy.

Having an exhaust fan and at least two windows is necessary for apt ventilation. Make sure that the floorboards are OK and there are no cracks and holes. Place the bed in the corner near the window for a fresh feel. The lighting is also important. You should have one or two bright lights in least 2 corners of the attic. Having a night lamp and a bed side reading lamp is also a smart idea. Finally you can decorate the room with nice paintings, fairy lights and wall hangings for a personalized appeal.