Tips To Clean Your Roof

December 17th, 2016 by hometopper
tips of cleaning your roof

ways of cleaning your roof

There is certain time of the year when it is not an option but a necessity to clean your roof. Roof is one of the most essential parts of the home. Not caring for your roof can lead you to lots and lots of danger. It is the time of fall when you need to clean your roof. However cleaning your roof is not that difficult job. It’s quite easy and if you want you can do it yourself. By cleaning your roof yourself, you can easily save lots of bucks. Of course they will be bit difference in professional cleaning ad your own cleaning nut try your best and clean your roof like a pro. Lots of debris, clogged gutters, leaking pipe; clogged downspouts are not good for your roof and are very much risky. Hence before rain and snow hits your home, it’s very essential to clean your roof and check for any damage to make your home roof ready for danger. If your roof is having trees surrounded by it then you definitely need to clean your roof as there will be lots of leaves, broken branches and fruits on the roof. It becomes very essential to clean this thing as soon as possible to stop them from damaging your roof and your home. Here are some of the easy but very essential tips which you should follow while cleaning your roof.

Tools needed to clean your roof

  • Bucket
  • Garden hose
  • Garden scoop
  • Protective work gloves
  • Protective specs
  • Rubber shoes
  • Strings
  • Steady and strong ladder
  • Safety

While you are cleaning your roof, there are many chances of any accident as it is a risky job. However it is easy job but still involves risk in it. The basic thing which you should check is your ladder. Make sure that the ladder you are using is safe and steady. Another essential thing which you should be keeping in mind is that you must have someone around when you are working or at least some one should be informed that you are cleaning your roof and working on it. Also take care that you should be wearing protective specs and gloves to save your eyes and hands. You must also put on rubber shoes while cleaning your roof. This enables you to have grip on the roof and also proper balance.

  • Clean

Very carefully climb your ladder and reach the level from where you can easily see the gutter. Take a bucket with you and start collecting all the loose debris like leaves, branches, twigs and any such things into the bucket. After that use the gutter scoop and clean the areas which you cannot reach with that. Rub gently on the areas where you can see any stubborn dirt. After that, has a check on the downspouts, whether they are clogged or not? If it is clogged run the garden hose in the clogged downspout and make it clear of all debris and see that it is running smoothly.

Tips of Cleaning the Bathroom

November 11th, 2016 by Mindes
Home owner cleaning the bathroom

Bathroom cleaned by a person

Throw away your expensive bathroom cleaners and solutions because using a little of lemon, ammonia and baking soda can work out in a better way a s compared to those bathroom cleaning solutions and cleaners. Want to grab your bathroom sparkling? From any home remedies to the secret cleaning tricks and techniques, this article will lead you as a guide for better after cleaning effects of your bathroom. No one likes cleaning the bathroom because it is a messy job and needs more time for completing. Read the below states tips that offers an efficient outcome for keeping the surface, floors, walls and bathroom stuffs clean and beautiful.

Cleaning the bathroom tips:

  • Forget of using and purchasing costly factors like bathroom cleaners. In fact there is a better option to use is take a cup, add t cups of warm water and mix 3 tablespoon of baking soda in it. Add half a cup of household ammonia. Apply the solution on the surfaces, and walls. Leave it for some time and rinse it off for enjoying your bathroom surface gleaming.
  • Remember, cleaning the toilet stands zero on the scale of cleaning the bathroom. But it left you with no other option then to clean it mandatorily. Make the job of cleaning the toilet easier by following different ways.
  • Drop off two tablets of antacid or use denture tablets that containing the ingredient of baking soda and let them dissolve into the bowl say for 20 minutes. Scrub the solution in the toilet area for marking up with best and cleaned results. Even cola works prominent for cleaning the toilet. Grab a can of cola and empty it whole in the toilet. Flush it and there you go with cleaned toilet.
  • Get a mildew free shower curtains with some easy tips. The reason of grown mildew is because of the moisture present in your bathroom environment. Using salt water is helpful because it helps to maintain and clean the shower curtain free from the accumulated mildew.
  • Make the use of 2 tablespoon of washing liquid and mix it with 1 pinch of household bleach. Spray the solution on each and each section of the shower curtain. It offers a mildew free shower curtains in less time. Vinegar is another alternative, useful for cleaning the accumulated mold and mildew in your bathroom.
  • You are probably so busy in cleaning the different parts of bathroom, that you forget to clean the ceiling. it might be even possible that you haven’t thought of cleaning the ceiling too. Just look up once, you will find the grown mold and mildew and sometimes it’s even algae that is harmful and disturbs the charm of your bathroom.
  • For cleaning the ceiling, fill up a bucket and add some amount of white vinegar in it. Put on the goggles and go for mopping the upper section of the bathroom by using a mop. If the mop is small in size, make an attachment on the hose for reaching it towards all the corners while cleaning your bathroom.

Tips on Pool Maintenance

October 22nd, 2016 by Mindes
Person cleaning the Pool

Pool maintained by a home woner

Keeping your pool neat and tidy is your job, it is not at all a cumbersome process as you are thinking. All the pools are having different and have different functionalities. As they are different in sizes, materials and space, different maintenance is required for each. It is important to know what size and materials your pool is made up. The secret of having a healthy pool is the key factor for pool maintenance. Routine and regular care will help you in having best type of pool maintenance to your home. It is advisable of consulting a manufacture’s manual before fixing or using any equipment for pool maintenance. There are many tips on pool maintenance that will help you in leading your way ahead.


  • One of the fastest ways of pool maintenance is to clean the pool with your hands every alternate day. Skimming the pools helps in removing the accumulated leaves and debris in your pool.
  • The floating leaves will eventually sink in the pool and that will stick to the bottom surface of the pool. It becomes harder to remove it. Hand skimmer or leaf skimmer works best for removing it. It is long handled and easily removed the accumulated debris that you find in your pool.
  • Vacuum your pool for better pool maintenance. A pool should be vacuumed every week for better results. Cleaning it regularly will lead you in maintaining the walls and the stiles installed. Work it similar like you are working on your carpet. Difference is you are working in a pool and at home you are working on the carpet or rugs.
  • But only vacuuming is not enough but brushing your walls is also evenly important for increasing the charm of your pool. Pool maintenance includes brushing of walls and eliminating of grown algae. Brushing is important because it will help in avoiding the growing algae on the surface of the floor or on the walls.
  • The pool filter installed should be well cleaned for better results. If the filter is found with accumulated leaves or debris it will contaminate the water stored in the pool. There are many different types of pool filters available in the market.
  • If you’re the filter is damaged, it is advisable of replacing it with the new one for performing better functions. Periodic cleaning is the key for enjoying perfect pool maintenance at your home.
  • Hiring a professional pool service provider can work well. They have better knowledge of performing their task. With the help of their knowledge, experience and using adequate tools, you can get easily maintained pool for swimming.
  • It is important for maintaining the water level and the temperature of water you is using your pool. A lot of water is evaporated just because of the humid or hot temperature observed. Check the temperature and add the water to maintain and not let the water to evaporate from the pool.

Get Remodeling Ideas for your Finished Basement

August 13th, 2016 by Mindes

Get Remodeling Ideas for your Finished BasementHome is such a place whereby you want to all the things to be perfect on its place. And the most important part of your home which you need to go for is the basement which you must take proper care of. There are many remodeling ideas for your finished basement which can help you in getting your to be perfect. Make the most use of your finished basement because we all know that we use basement just to keep our more of the extra things in it but it is not done right? If you are planning for the remodeling ideas for your finished basement, than go for certainly of making its maximum use so that you can get the best amongst all.

This article will help you in getting all the information and the ideas which can help you in going for the matters of remodeling ideas for your finished basement at your home. There are many remodeling ideas for your finished basement which you can go for like you can go for converting your basement in to the home office, make the garage and get a door opened in your basement, you can go for making your children’s playroom, etc. and many more of the option which you can go for calculating in the matters of remodeling ideas for your finished basement.

Get remodeling ideas for your finished basement

  • The very first remodeling ideas for your finished basement which you can go for is converting your basement in to home office which can help you in getting one of the best use of your basement in the best way you can go for.
  • There are many benefits of opening a home office like it will provide you with more of quite space to work efficiently, and you can also go for increasing your productivity by utilizing your knowledge to the utmost.
  • If you don’t have a playroom for your children than you can definitely go for making and considering this as the remodeling ideas for your finished basement. Devote this place for your children that can help them in growing and increasing their strength by playing in their playroom which you have designed for them.
  • If you think that you can go for making your finished basement to be in the form of the home theater than mark my words it is considered to be one of the best remodeling ideas for your finished basement which you can go for in your home.
  • Home theater will help you in not only getting the space and covering up the whole area which is considered to be good for you and your family members too. Avoiding crowd for watching the movie and get the theater at home sounds so interesting right?
  • You can also go for making it to be your crafts room which can help you in increasing the value of your home. Not only these, there are many other remodeling ideas for your finished basement which you can go for at your home.

DIY Flower Vases to Decorate your Home

July 15th, 2016 by Mindes

DIY Flower Vases to Decorate your HomeDecorating your home includes many of the things which you can go for attempting at your home but just imagine if you have the option of going it totally flawless with just talking in to account the flower vases for decorating your home? I know it is sounding such way more interesting but trust me you can go for it on your own by taking in to account the DIY flower vases to decorate your home. Make you experience and art to be in practice which can help you in getting one of the master pieces for the matters of getting the flower vases to decorate your home. Not only that you can also go for taking the help of internet for getting any of the ideas which can help you in the matters of going for flower vases to decorating your home.

This article will help you in getting all the information and the designs which you can go for performing at your home for the ideas of getting and making DIY flower vases to decorate your home. I know it seems to be very much confusing but let me help you in going with the further process of getting the flower vases to decorate your home like decorating the flower vase with the help of penny, you can go with glitter vases, etc. and many other options which can help you in going for the process of making DIY flower vases to decorate your home in the best way you can.

DIY flower vases to decorate your home

  • I know we all want that our home must look the most beautiful and well maintained right? And for this we try for going for many things but mark my words, flower vases to decorate your home will help you in getting all your things done with the budget which you have decided for. Getting the flower vases to decorate your home with the help of penny is considered to be something unique which can increase up the charm of your home. Get a plain flower vase and then start sticking up the penny which you are not going to take in to use anymore. This will help you in not only getting you home to be perfect but more decorative too.
  • Another flower vases to decorate your home which you can go for is the use of glitter. Yes, get a plain vase whichever design or pattern you like and then go for sticking glue on it. Well, it is advisable of going for such glue which can help the vase in not getting off from any of the glitter. Now go for dipping your vase in to the glitter and take it out. Get off or remove the extra glitter which you observe. Now you can go for planning it in your home wherever you want to place. Mark my words it is going to increase up the look of your home and the motto which you have decided for getting flower vases to decorate your home will also be complied in a better manner.

3 Ways of making more Storage in Small Kitchen

June 14th, 2016 by Mindes

Ways of making more Storage in Small KitchenI know considering and in fact having a small kitchen gets us attracted to many of the troubles right? All the things gets messed up, many time we miss place the things and do not get the things on its right place, etc. and many more of the reasons which has given you with many of the troubles. Well, for all those complaints regarding it, you may go for making more storage in small kitchen, yes you heard it right. No doubt it is considered to be a tough job of making more storage in small kitchen but trust me; it will help you in many matters and precisely organizing your kitchen in a better manner in your home. The further details and in facts ways of making more storage in small kitchen will help you in getting all the things done on its right place.

This article will help you in getting to know the ways of making more storage in small kitchen which you must go for in your home if you are possessing smaller kitchen. There are many ways which can help you in making more storage in small kitchen in your home like installing vertical storage in your kitchen, making the use of space around your refrigerator, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in the matters of making more storage in small kitchen.

Ways of making more storage in small kitchen

  • Using the space around your fridge

I know it is considered to be difficult job of getting and making more storage in small kitchen but the further information will give you proper ideas about the things which can help you in this matter. The place whereby you have installed your fridge and the surrounding space which you do not take in to account must be transferred to storage place in your kitchen. This will help you in getting your small things being kept there and getting all the things in right place with more of the space and storage in your small kitchen.

  • Installing vertical storage

We all have seen in many kitchens regarding the horizontal storage tables which are being installed in the homes. But there is one thing which the homes owners have not noticed about that horizontal storage take more of your space factor. So it is advisable for the home owners to go for installing vertical storage in your small kitchen because it will help you in making more storage in small kitchen which you wanted to have. Vertical means, it will be long and tall in height and more of the things will be stored in it without taking much of your space in your kitchen.

  • Installing a folding table

Another thing which can help you in making more storage in small kitchen is the use of folding tables in your kitchen. Yes, folding table is considered to be beneficial for the home owners because whenever you don’t have any use of it you can easily fold it up on to the wall and make the use of the space which it was blocking earlier. Not only that but it can also be considered one of the DIY way of getting and making more storage in small kitchen.

How To Choose A Roofing Contractor

May 27th, 2016 by hometopper

Roofing contractorChoosing a roofing contractor might not be thing of concern in your mind but it is such a thing which should be given proper importance. Choosing a roofing contractor who is appropriately qualified and certified is very essential thing to do before you hand over your roof in his hands. Choosing a roofing contractor is more difficult for those who are not in touch or unfamiliar with this industry. It is very risky to choose a roofing contractor who is not properly qualified or who does not give any warranty. You will be troubled a lot in the future years if you choose a roofing contractor which is not appropriate and you will be having a low qualitative installation and bad workmanship issues with your roofing. Don’t go with good words as when actual problem will arise to your roof, your roofing contractor will be far disappeared. Thus choose a roofing contractor with reference and the one which gives warranty. Choosing a roofing contractor which is not trustworthy is equal to risking the life of you and your family members which is definitely not one such thing you want to do. Here are some of the tips which will help you to choose a roofing contractor who is reliable and good.

  • Time period of the roofing contractor

It is very important to check out the time period of any roofing contractor. You must check how long the roofing contractor has or the company has been into the roofing business. Shirt span roofing contractors can be trusted or are not reliable. On a contrary you can trust those roofing contractor who have been in the business for a long period of time as they have passed the test of time. A roofing contractor who has been established since a long time, would more likely to be around you if any problem happens to your roof after his installation.

  • Check for permanent address office or phone number

Before handing over your roof to any roofing con tractor it is important to his permanent phone number or his email address or even his permanent address of office. This could help you to get to him if something uncertain happens. Having a permanent business address is a great sign of the roofer or the company being established. Thus while choosing a roofing contractor always ask and verify permanent address of business along with phone number.

  • Does roofing contractor have sub-contractors?

It is very essential fact to know before you hand over your roof in the hands of any roofing contractor. Sub-contractors generally work on the basis of per jobs. They also get payment per job and hence they are always concerned with completing the job as quickly as possible and getting another job. This can give you low qualitative work and also you can have trouble with workmanship. Thus while choosing a roofing contractor check whether your contractor is appointing any sub-contractor or not.


How to Save on Kitchen Cabinets

January 12th, 2016 by Mindes

How to Save on Kitchen CabinetsRemodeling is considered to be the best option if you are thinking of saving up your money factor. When we are talking about saving up on our investment, we all know that kitchen is such part of our home where more of our investment is spend. And to be more specific the kitchen cabinet, installed in our kitchen. Well, saving on kitchen cabinets is the best option which you can utilize when it the time of saving up of your money. Costing of anything is taken into consideration keeping in mind the actual amount of usage and as in kitchen the cabinets are made more so that all the utensils and all other products can be kept in safe. So saving on kitchen cabinets is probably possible to comply with by the home owners.

Saving on kitchen cabinets is simple and easy for the home owners. Only necessary planning is required for complying with the process of saving on kitchen cabinets. At the time of getting the kitchen cabinets installed in your home certain things will help you to maintain and save on kitchen cabinets which are going to be installed in your home.

Saving on kitchen cabinets

  • If you are planning of saving on kitchen cabinets than you can go for using the materials in the cabinets. Yes with the help of using different and simple quality of materials which are used in the manufacturing of cabinets, you can save on kitchen cabinets. You can make the use of particleboard which is comparatively cheap and good for saving on kitchen cabinets because it is less expensive and easily available in the market which the home owners can exercise when it comes to save up on your investment.
  • You can also compromise on the cabinet’s shapes and structures, because if you are going for such type of frames and doors which are more of expensive than it is going to become costly and investment towards it will be comparatively more. This will only leads to more usage of your investment but if you are compromising with the look as well as less of the frames of the cabinets than it is going to be saving on kitchen cabinets. You can also go for sleeker European look of cabinets which can be installed in your home.
  • Planning of saving on kitchen cabinets than you can go for such type of kitchen cabinets which has less of their finish. Because if you have notice than every cabinets have some of the finish on the cabinets which increase and enhance the look f your kitchen. You can leave the kitchen cabinets as natural look. Which will help you to get lesser down your investment and will lead to saving on kitchen cabinets?
  • You can also buy for semi finished cabinets which afterwards can be accumulated together for getting it on place. This will end up your cost factor and also increase your efficiency towards installing kitchen cabinets in your home. Saving on kitchen cabinets in this way will help you to gain proper amount of saving on your investment.

How to Remove Black Streak from Roof Shingles?

July 16th, 2015 by hometopper

black streak on roofYou might have noticed that, there are black streaks around the roof of your house. This black streak is around the shingles are and crawling down the roof. The level of black streak on the houses has increased a lot and it has become very common in each type of house with each type of material. With the passage of time it is seen on your roof shingles and even you can see it on your neighbor’s house also.  Do you know what the cause behind the roof shingles to streak?

What can be done to remove this streak on roof shingles? Will power washing be suitable for removing stains? Will pressure washing technique damage the roof granules? Get all this answers by reading below.

What are the black streaks on the roof?

We get surprised to see that once the neat and clean roof shingle is now slowly and gradually covered with the form of roof mold or mildew which becomes visible as a light discoloration and goes spreading down the roof towards the gutter. These black roofing stains are created by the type of algae which has been around for years which are usually found in the woods on the north side of the trees. It is even found on the exposed rocks. Nowadays these black algae are known as the roof shingle algae due to its annoying discoloration on an asphalt shingle roof.

How can these black roof stains be removed from the roof shingles?

You might be confused whether these black roof stains be removed from the roof or not. But don’t worry it is possible to remove those dirty black streaks from your roofs. There are two possible outcomes to choose from to remove these stains from the roof. Either you can do it yourself or you can go for roof cleaning services by the professional experts. If you are doing it yourself then you can use roof cleaning products and do it according to the instructions mentioned on it. The difference you notice in doing it yourself and through roof cleaning company is of cost and results.

Hire a roof cleaning business

The benefit you obtain in hiring a roof cleaning business is that they have appropriate experience in shingle cleaning techniques. They are also aware of the exact pressure to apply with roof washing products. The experience of years will definitely affect in cleaning your roof. It will result in total removal of roof stains.

Do it yourself roof stain removal

Find out the reliable roof cleaning products and also find out the roof cleaning chemicals. But be cautious about the company and products you buy. Go for those companies which offers multiple formulas along with the preventive measures. Check out the needed material like ladder and keep yourself free for appropriate time. You cannot clean it through the distance. The closer you go and clean your roof stains the better will the removal and the results.



An Introduction to Butterfly Roof

June 22nd, 2015 by hometopper

Butterfly Roofing












Roof, basically is the most important part of your house. So when it comes to designing your roof you need to be more conscious and proactive, because your roof is the one that acts as a savior to you in all weather. Your roof should be such which satisfies the needs of your house in all possible ways. Your roof should not only meet the practical aspects but should also meet up with the aesthetic needs. Butterfly roof is such a option which is combination of both of the above factor and meet both the demand successfully. Now you might be wondering what is butterfly roof?

Butterfly roof is such a design of roof which is built by joining two roofs by edges sets at an particular angle which allows to form a shape of valley slope. If seen from the front the structure looks like wings of butterfly.  It is designed in such a way that those points which are joined are at lower level and those remained un joined is at upper level. Butterfly roofs are also known as inverted pitch roof.

History of butterfly roofs

The concept and shape of butterfly roofs are very unique and different. The design of butterfly roofs came into existence in the year of 1933. After that many changes has come and new versions has evolved. It is an American roof design. Previously English Tudor style houses and quaint country cottages were prevalent but now the concept is changing. Instead of ornate pitches, minimalist lines are preferred. The newer version of butterfly roof includes saddle roof, gable roof, shed roof and zig zag roof.

Benefits of Butterfly roofs

There are innumerous advantages of butterfly roofing which are eye catching and heart robbing. The design of butterfly roofing is such that ensures your interiors to feel fresh and airy. As the heights of the walls and windows are high, good sunlight is achieved in the house making your house to look bright and sunny. This method is useful in collection of water. Due to its unique shape, rainwater can be harvested, channeled down and collected and then used this water for gardening, for drinking and even in plumbing. This water can be preserved and can be used in the period of drought. The design of butterfly roofs gives an aerodynamic structure which decreases the risk of pulling which generates on the roofline of upwardly pitched eaves.

Drawbacks of butterfly roofs

The layout and nature of the butterfly roof is such that we cannot see the roof surface from the ground level. Thus if there is any problem in the roof it becomes difficult to notice for longer period of time. If there is any leak or damp, it remains unnoticed and larger problem is caused which could have been avoided if repaired timely. Thus loft space is to be checked out regularly and water damage is to checked avoided and if there must be cured on time. If the water damage is undetected in the valley of the roof it can result in additional weight on load bearing elements leading to cracks.